Our love for wild, beautiful lands demands our active participation in the fight to preserve the health of our planet. We strive to implement sustainable business practices whenever possible, without sacrificing design aesthetics.

It’s not about perfection: we believe ALL sustainably-minded decisions leave a positive impact on the environment. We’re not saying skip the dripping candles in dreamy scents, we’re encouraging our clients to reduce their carbon footprint by making seemingly minute changes. Wilderland is dedicated to joining the sustainability movement by practicing the following:

  • donating 1% of all proceeds to the National Parks Conservation Association, devoted exclusively to protecting our nations beloved National Parks

  • supporting local, seasonal, and certified organic flower farmers throughout Northern California

  • gifting our leftover flowers to The Petal Connection, specialized in repurposing flowers to create beautiful arrangements to bring joy to hospice patients

  • sourcing handcrafted products of the highest quality made thoughtfully, honestly, and responsibly

Simply, sustainability is at our core.